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Why Distressed Rugs Are So Popular In Today’s Home Décor Marketplace!

There’s no doubt about it that distressed rugs are now one of the top home décor trends throughout the entire industry, and there are many reasons why people everywhere are looking towards this rug style

We’re lucky enough to have partnered up with the rug industry experts at Rug Source to help us figure out why distressed rugs are becoming so popular, so take it from their area rug pros in that the following will help you better understand why distressed rugs are a growing trend!

Why Exactly Have Distressed Rugs Become So Popular?

According to the Rug Source specialists, distressed rugs are now one of the most popular trends throughout the entire home décor industry. Most rug shoppers interested in this style are looking to add some type of rustic or antique ambience into a room while not breaking the bank on an authentic antique rug.

Distressed rugs also don’t require as much upkeep and decorative flair as antique rugs, so they’re a convenient option for people that are searching for a great area rug without a lot of industry hassles.

There’s no doubt about it that you can get a really great distressed rug that looks just like antique Oriental and Persian rugs, and these rugs will add a ton of character to your room’s ambience!

Common Reasons To Invest In Distressed Rugs

Distressed rugs are growing in popularity partly because they’re a timeless rug style that truly will never go out of style, and they offer a lot to rug shoppers that are looking for a particular ambience. There’s absolutely no denying that distressed rugs provide some added character to a room’s décor, and the following are some common reasons why people are investing in distressed rugs:


All distressed rugs are completely one-of-a-kind, which is always a major selling point for many rug shoppers. The distressing and dying processes are always 100% unique with every distressed area rug, and you can easily find a distressed rug style that matches your specific space and preferences when you partner up with a reputable online vendor like Rug Source!

Vintage Aesthetics

Distressed rugs may be 100% unique in terms of all sorts of minor differences, but most of them will offer some kind of vintage aesthetic. Vintage rugs are well-known throughout the rug world to improve home décor in a variety of ways, and distressed rugs will give you these aesthetic boosts while only costing a fraction of the price!

Jumping On The Trendy Vibes

Distressed rugs have definitely been around for awhile, but this trend generally started a few decades ago as more and more homeowners wanted to affordably implement vintage area rugs into their residential spaces.

Although this trend is relatively old, there has been a recent resurgence in popularity as more people are looking to add these chic decorating styles into their homes.

Adding To Your Contemporary Home Décor

Distressed rugs are one of the best ways to add to a home’s contemporary décor themes, and they’re great flooring options for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

Most distressed rugs are extremely well made, including hand-knotted rugs that will last several decades to come. Distressed rugs also come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes, so there truly is something for everyone within this rug industry niche!

Get In Touch With The Area Rug Industry Experts at Rug Source, Inc. To Learn More About Their Vast Selection of Distressed Rugs!

There’s a lot that rug shoppers need to consider while they’re looking for items as special as distressed rugs, and the best thing you can do is work directly with a seasoned industry specialist to ask questions and help guide you towards your perfect area rug match.

This is where the industry specialists at Rug Source come in, and you can speak directly with the Rug Source experts by simply clicking on the link at the beginning of this blog that goes directly to their distressed rugs webpage!

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