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What You Need to Know About Cambria Countertops

When you are looking for quality

When you are looking for top quality, then you can truly rely on Cambria countertops for all your countertop needs. This material is processed with the provision of a high level of silicon dioxide. This stone is often referred to as Cambria quartz. Cambria quartz slabs are comprised of a minimum amount of natural quartz at ninety-three percent. That is a high level of natural quartz in comparison to the amount that is contained in many other cheaper import quartz countertops that are infiltrating the markets in many places these days. Thus, you can be pleased that your countertop by Cambria will not be comprised of remnants of stone and discarded ceramic pieces. You will be getting a truly high level of real quartz in any Cambria slab that you purchase. Truly, Cambria provides the kind of quality that you desire for your countertops.

When you need maintenance to be easy

If you are a busy person, have children, and work a lot of hours, you will surely appreciate having the option of choosing a material for your countertops that will offer relatively easy maintenance. This is why Cambria quartz will live up to your expectations in this regard every time. Truly, this material for your countertops provides carefree ease of maintenance due to the fact that this material does not have pores like marble or granite. With this being the case, there is no need for you to seal it. This will save you time in regard to caring for your Cambria countertop. As such, all you will require in order to ensure that the surface of your Cambria countertop will continue to look stunning for a long period of time is to use an appropriate cleaner that is designed to accommodate Cambria countertops.

Suitable for floors

Cambria quartz is not used just for countertops. The reality is that it can also be used for floors. There are some commercial buildings that do apply the usage of Cambria quartz in their flooring designs. But this can be relatively expensive. Thus, it is more common to use Cambria quartz in regard to the design of countertops. But you can rest assured that whenever Cambria quartz is used in the design of a floor, the end result is that the floor is always beautiful and of high quality.

Made in America

When you find that it is important for the products that you buy to be made in America, then you can have the ultimate satisfaction that Cambria quartz is manufactured only in America. Cambria quartz is made by a family with real values. Therefore, the products that you get that bear the Cambria name will always be of the finest caliber. You can be proud that all Cambria quartz is made in America, which is why this material is designed to provide a high level of durability. Thus, this product will serve you well for many years. That is why many customers are truly satisfied with their Cambria countertops, which truly add extra elegance to any space.

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