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Moving House During COVID-19 Pandemic

Casey Hallen was living in a Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx when COVID-19 landed in Connecticut. She had one child just turning three and planned to expand her family. Luckily, the disease was not as deadly as it had been feared. The Hallens, a homemaker and teacher from Westchester, N.Y., made the move with their children to Stamford, Conn. But once they were in their new town, they were faced with a difficult housing market and a new deadline.

85% of movers look for a new home in their current state

The reason many people move isn’t always related to a disaster like COVID. In fact, 85% of movers look for a new home in their current state during a disaster, such as an earthquake or a pandemic. People move for various reasons, including jobs, retirement, and better housing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people’s moving patterns have fallen. This is especially true in states located in the northeast and north. New Hampshire and Massachusetts saw a drop of more than 50% in their moving patterns during the pandemic.

DVLA fines for not updating change of address on driver’s license or vehicle log book

The DVLA has recently experienced a backlog of applications related to the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting thousands of people who want to make changes to their driver’s licences and vehicles. Hundreds of thousands of students are also unable to use their vehicles as they have been unable to update their details on their licences. According to Guardian Money, there are reports of long delays in renewing a vehicle log book. This is causing fear among thousands of drivers.

Keeping social distancing

During a COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to practice social distancing. This is a way of increasing distance between people, 6 feet being the recommended distance for close contact. People with this disease should also avoid touching their face and elbows. If you or someone you know has the virus, stay home and avoid contact with others. You may also want to consider working from home, if that is an option in your area. If you’re unable to stay at home, you can contact local authorities to learn about the guidelines in your area.

Keeping sanitization up to date

Keeping sanitization up to speed is crucial when moving house during a pandemic of the Coronavirus. This virus is transmitted most commonly through respiratory droplets and close contact with other people. Coronavirus can remain infectious on surfaces for several hours or days. Cleaning surfaces and sanitizing surfaces with chemicals that kill germs can help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Packing tips

If you’re planning on moving house during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some tips that will help you stay safe. For starters, be sure to label all boxes and containers and wash them thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to purchase disinfectants and wipes before packing any boxes. Don’t forget to put your boxes in the recycle bin to avoid spreading the virus.

Masks, Vaccines, and Politics Drive Pandemic Relocations
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