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Different Types of Backyard Sheds

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Backyard sheds are widely used across Australia. Some people like to create sheds in the yard for storage, others like to use them as workshops and some will even look to use these sheds to create summerhouses, to enjoy when the warm weather comes. There is a wide range of shed styles for you if you are planning to have one built, and these are the most common choices.

Custom Sheds

Custom sheds are becoming more and more popular in the backyard, simply because of their flexible nature. Many people want a shed which can be used for multiple activities, and this is where a custom shed fits in perfectly. These sheds can be designed to the exact size and shape which you need, and include details and features which ensure that you get everything you want from your shed. Whilst these do cost a little bit more money, they are tailored to exactly what you will need. Materials for these sheds can also range, from timber to metal and even hard plastic.

Storage Sheds

When it comes to building storage sheds in the yard, most people opt for metal sheds, of varying sizes. The key to any storage shed is having a dry space to store items, and using materials which are tough to break into. Sadly a shed is often the target of thieves as they know that high value items are stored there, and given they are outside the home it is easier and less risky to break into. If you plan to buy a storage shed then focus on making sure that it is as secure as possible.

General Use Shed

If you are looking for a basic, general use shed, then a simple timber, store-bought option will be absolutely fine. Not only are these low cost but they can be installed with ease, usually on your own. These general use sheds do range a little in size, and you will likely have 3 options ahead of you. What they lack in security and in features however, they more than make up for in low cost products which are simple and easy to work with.

Colorbond Sheds

Colorbond sheds are made using a fantastic metal which is resistant to weather and which is incredibly durable. These features are exactly why the metal is so heavily used in shed design, usually when it comes to the roof. More and more people are learning about this metal technology and just how beneficial it can be when used for sheds, this is why they are becoming so much more popular. Whilst a Colorbond shed can be more expensive, they are actually a cost saving option in the long term because of the longevity which they can offer.

The first thing to do is understand why you want from a shed, and then make the decision as to how much you are willing to spend on the perfect option for your backyard.

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