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Cost of storage units in Vancouver and types of storage in U-PAK Storage

Having your own storage is important to do when you have many kinds of stuff. It will also be necessary when you are having business. However, when it comes to storage, it may need consideration, including the cost of storage units in Vancouver. When you have no your own space as storage, you will need to rent the space and it is necessary to know the estimation of price.

However, you will not need to worry about the problems regarding storage when you choose U-PAK Storage. You will get clear information regarding the price. There are also options of storages and various services so you will not need to worry regarding stuff and even vehicles that you need to store. All things can be handled well by U-PAK Storage.

Types of Storage and Its Price

U-PAK Storage provides you with some types of storage. In general, when you need storage for your stuff or items, there are two types of storage. It is divided into full size and half size. The full size storage has space of 63 square-feet or it is similar to a room that can contain a bedroom together with the appliances. As for the half size storage, its size is around 31 square-feet. Since it is smaller, of course the cost will be cheaper and it is suitable in case you only need smaller space as storage.

In the process of ordering the storage, you are able to choose the type of storage first. After that, you are able to choose the number of storage. In other word, you are not only limited to the single storage. You are able to choose many numbers of storage at once, and it is also possible to combine both types of storage. Thus, you are able to get the storage depending on your needs.

As for the price, of course both storages have different price.  The cost of storage is for duration of a month. For the medium locker, it costs $79 and the full-size locker costs $139 per month. It is not difficult to book or order the storage since it is done from the website of U-PAK Storage.

Other Types of Storage for Vehicles

In addition to the lockers or storage for items, there are also storages for vehicles. There are different types of storages of vehicles that can be provided by U-PAK Storage. These are some of the options.

  • First option is RV Storage. There will be specific classification of RV depending on the size of vehicles, and each of them will have different price. There is storage for small RV trailer, medium-sized RV trailer, and large-sized RV trailer. In case the RV trailer’s size is more than 40 feet, it is still possible to make a call to the office to get the quotes. The price starts from $60 up to $109.
  • Next, there is storage for car. Car storage is different from the RV storage since both of them are different types of vehicles. As for the car, there are also classifications depending on the size of the vehicles. There are small car or truck up to 15 feet, medium sized SUV up to 25 feet, and large truck up to 40 feet. There is also option for larger car more than 40 feet and it can be consulted to the office. As for the price, it is quite similar to the price of RV storage. Of course, it is quite different compared to the cost of storage units in Vancouver as what is mentioned earlier.

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