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8 ways to use Accent furniture to enhance your home décor

A room lights up with the right kind of home decor. Everyone desires and tries to have pieces of furniture that reflect their tastes, choices, and personality. We all feel a certain vibe in houses that are decorated with some thought, with some personal touch. Choosing home décor items randomly without much thought behind them doesn’t reflect the synchronized theme you may want to have for your home. Being a little more thoughtful, creative, and choosy would definitely help you have a few exclusive furniture items in your home which exclusively identify with your tastes in colours, textures, and style. People who know you would easily identify these pieces of furniture with you as this furniture would be mirroring certain aspects of your personality.

If you are a person who wants their home to reflect your personality or elements in your home décor, Accent furniture is what you need, and it will fulfil your requirement for sure.

Accent furniture plays an important role in adding decorative value to a place. These pieces of home decor are unique and stylish, and if used in an imaginative way, they make the home look very beautiful.

What is accent furniture and its benefits

Accent furniture is those furniture items, which enhance the personality of the home. It expresses your taste and style statement. Accent furniture combines aesthetic and utility so that you can play with the colour palette, textures, designs, and look. The accent furniture has many benefits. It makes the place more vibrant and attractive. You can choose the furniture you like.

Though selecting and using accent furniture wisely may seem a little tricky, a few easy ways will help you do it without much hassle, even if you are going for accent furniture for the first time. Let’s see how the Accent furniture can be used to augment the beauty of your home.

8 Ways to use accent furniture to enhance your home decor

A wide range of accent chairs, stools, racks, shelves, centre tables is available in the market. Loads of variants are available in colours, textures, and designs. The choice is yours. Handpick the best for the perfect impression.

Make the entry attractive

The entry of your house is the key space. It creates the mood and gives a glimpse of what the style is inside. Ensure to make your entry point a memorable space. Put a decorative chest, a pouf, a beautiful coloured ottoman, or a stylish shoe rack.

Use small tables thoughtfully

While using tables, give preference to small tables with unique designs. They are great accent furniture pieces. Choose from the wide range of small tables with attractive colours, and exclusive designs, as highlight points of your decor. They are a stylish way to capture attention.

Use large accent furniture for finishing

A large and striking accent furniture piece is always impactful. It can be of striking, bold colour and smart design. This piece compliments your existing furniture and gives a look to the entire room. May it be a cabinet, a drawer chest or a tall wall rack, the large accent furniture is a great way to decorate.

Choose from an array of chairs

Accent chairs are perfect space enhancers. They create a soothing impact if selected well and place strategically. A chair can be complimentary as well as contrasting to your furniture. Go for an ottoman chair or a pouf stool for a stylish look.

Make your dining table a highlight point

A spacious and sophisticated dining table transforms the look of the kitchen, naturally. Use a unique table that stands out with its colour, finish, and material. The dining tables are available in various sizes and colours, so you can choose accordingly.

Create classic corners

One of the most overlooked but most meaningful spaces in a home is corners. You can create your special classic corners with a variety of accent furniture pieces. Use floating shelves, wall shelves for the bedroom, a wall bookshelf or some other pieces.

Be specific of proportions

Make sure your accent furniture pieces are proportionate to each other. For a smaller or compact space, choose stylish but smaller furniture pieces. For spacious or heightened rooms, choose larger and wider pieces. The accent furniture should be in sync and complementary to each other.

Explore the contrasts

One of the smartest ways to create lovely decor is to play with the contrasts. You can combine radically different styles of furnishing or two different colours. Just make sure that it gels well and does not look weird or whimsical. Choose the accent furniture accordingly.

Some Tips to use accent furniture in the right way

  • To make your accent furniture look more beautiful, add trays, baskets, plants, or flower vases to them.
  • Set a good colour palette and use its shades in your sofas, stools, shelves, racks, chests, and so on.
  • Chose correct supporting accent furniture pieces if you are choosing an oversized piece
  • Picking the right patterns for space enhancement is the key to a classy look. You can use one dynamic print and some supporting patterns
  • You can use your family heirloom furniture piece, if you have any, as a heritage accent piece

While choosing your accent furniture, follow your instincts. While exploring, go with your guts. Get set to refurnish your room with suitable accent furniture and give your home a superb makeover. It will give your home the most desired distinct look, which will help you create a cozy, dreamy world of your own.

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