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7 Types of Commercial Cleaning Equipment You Should Buy for the Office

A commercial cleaning service is a great way to keep your office clean, but it can be expensive. Commercial cleaning equipment makes this process much easier and more affordable.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are the most popular type of commercial cleaning equipment for offices. There are many other types of commercial equipment that you should consider purchasing as well. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Commercial Floor Scrubber

A floor scrubber is one of the essential pieces of cleaning equipment you need to buy for your commercial space. Commercial vacuum cleaners can be a great piece of equipment to have, but they are often no match for a floor scrubber.

A floor scrubber is a powerful machine that scrubs and washes the floors while sucking up the water with its built-in hose system. This results in clean and dry floors without any sort

Commercial Sweeper

You will need a sweeper for the office to pick up all the dirt and debris that your vacuum can’t. Commercial floor scrubbers are better equipped to clean hard floors.

So, if you have carpeted offices, then consider getting a commercial sweeper for this purpose. Commercial sweepers use rotating brushes on both sides of the machine, which help pick up dirt.

Wet Mop Bucket

Wet mops are better at cleaning floors than dry mops, so consider getting one if you have a floor that requires wet mopping. Commercial wet mop buckets include all the necessary equipment, including wringer and handle, to make your commercial business more productive.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important equipment you will need to buy for your commercial space. Commercial vacuum cleaners are different from regular household vacuums because they have more power and can easily pick up bigger messes.

Commercial vacuum cleaners also come equipped with a powerful hose system that makes them ideal for cleaning stairs, cars, etc.

Floor Buffer/Polisher

A Commercial floor buffer/polisher is one of the most powerful types of commercial cleaning equipment you can buy.

Commercial dry scrubbers can remove old, stubborn coatings on floors with their high-speed rotary action and grit belts. This means that they will be able to remove things like scuff marks, dirt stains, etc.

Protective Rubber Gloves

Cleaning with some supplies and chemicals can pose a danger when exposed to the skin. You need protective equipment such as rubber gloves to make sure your hands are protected. Commercial cleaning equipment will make the process much more easy and efficient.

But you also need to get some personal protective gear like rubber gloves that can be extremely useful in protecting yourself from harmful material.

Also, make sure you get commercial cleaning service if you’re going to deal with very dangerous chemicals.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Last but not least, a carpet cleaner will be able to clean your carpets better than any other piece of equipment you have.

Commercial carpet cleaners come equipped with powerful suction systems that make them much more effective at removing dirt from the deep crevices of your commercial business’s carpets.

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