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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Drain Cleaning Company

As a property owner, you may need the services of a plumber once in a while. The most common problem requiring assistance from a plumber is clogged drains. This problem can occur at any time, with catastrophic consequences. Signs that you need drain cleaning services include water failing to drain; a foul smell from your drains; gurgling sounds in the toilet, tubs, and sinks; and house flies around your drain.

Choosing the right drain cleaning company may not be easy because most companies lack the technology and equipment to clear clogged drains. However, the tips below can help you identify the right drain cleaning company.

1.    The Correct Tools and Equipment

Before you hire a drain cleaning company, find out whether they can do the job. Drain cleaning requires special tools and equipment that only reputable companies can have. Hiring a company without the right tools may end up damaging your drain system, leading to unexpected additional repair costs. If possible, you can visit the company to see their tools and equipment and ask them to explain how they will execute the project.

2.    Experience

A company may have the right tools and equipment but lack experienced technicians. So, you need to find out whether the company you are considering is experienced in drain cleaning. Some companies specialize in fixing the drainage system, while others specialize in drain cleaning. Choose the latter.

3.    Certification and Training

First, the cleaning company you are considering should have the requisite licensing and certification to operate as a drain cleaning company. Certification proves that the company is qualified and is recognized by the relevant authorities.

Secondly, the company’s employees must have the relevant training and experience in drain cleaning. This is the only way to guarantee you will get your needed service. In addition, a company offering drain cleaning services should be insured by a reputable insurance company. This ensures their clients are protected against any property damage.

4.    Transparent Pricing

Apart from affordability, look for a company with a transparent pricing model. You should be able to know the total amount you will be required to pay before the cleaning process begins. A company should not have any hidden fees that will come as a surprise after they finish cleaning.

Getting quotes from three or more companies and comparing the charges is also advisable. Do not be tempted to choose the company offering the lowest rates. Remember, quality and pricing are always related. Choose a company that can deliver on its promise and charges fairly.

5.    Timeline and Availability

You should sort out the problem with your drainage system as soon as possible. Any delays can lead to more problems. When choosing a drain cleaning company, consider their availability and how long it will take them to complete the cleaning. A company with so many pending projects is a no-no.


A clogged drainage system is a health hazard on your property. That is why you must choose a company that can clear your drainage system as soon as possible and does it efficiently and effectively. The above tips can help you identify such a company.

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