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5 of the Best Cruises for Your Next Trip

Exploring the brilliant blue sea with its sparkling waters and vastness is one of the best ways to spend your holidays. Staying inside a ship for a few days or weeks and enjoying all the luxuries aboard allows you to have a completely unique experience which cannot be found elsewhere.

Whether you’re a solo traveler trying to get away from work for a while, a couple looking to rekindle their love or a family getting together to spend some quality time with each other, a cruise can be the best way to do so.

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This article gives you 5 of the most fun cruises for your next holiday.

1.   Viking World Voyage 1

If you’re planning to save up for a cruise and going for your holiday in 2024, the Viking World Voyage 1 is setting sail on December 19th, 2024 from Fort Lauderdale. This cruise will travel across 37 countries in a span of 180 days covering 5 continents.

Viking is known for having some of the best World Cruises in the entire world. They help their guests have the best adventure while also caring for their comfort.

They are known for their uniqueness in discussing the historical and cultural aspects of the destinations of the countries they are traveling through, allowing guests to have a learning experience as well.

2.   Carnival Cruises

If you’re planning to travel with your family and are looking for a cruise that provides ample entertainment for children of all ages, Carnival Cruises have it all. They have the most fun parades, an arts and crafts center and the opportunity to enjoy character breakfasts.

Aboard the ship, you can have your kids sign up to Camp Ocean. This is a camp where children can enjoy under the supervision of qualified individuals, while their parents can enjoy some quality time together.

3.   Disney Cruises

Another favorite for families and anyone who is a Disney enthusiast, these cruises are full of fun, adventure and entertainment. These cruises depart from Florida’s main ports, and have something for both adults and children alike.

With musical reenactments of favorite Disney moments, an indoor Waterpark, movies and a lot more, these cruises take you through picturesque Caribbean locations. With the right package, you can also visit Disney’s very own island known as Castaway Cay.

4.   MSC World Europa

A spectacular ship with the best forms of entertainment, MSC World Europa boasts having as many as 14 hot tubs and the biggest dry slide in the world on board. This ship, beginning its course from Doha’s port, will sail across the Middle East.

It is a luxurious ship, with world class facilities on board. These include a water park, performance venues, bars, and even a Formula 1 simulator. It’s perfect for anyone trying to have a luxury filled time.

5.   Ensenada Cruise

Departing from Los Angeles, California, this 3 night cruise is perfect for those who are unsure about cruises but still want to experience one. Sailing the 5th of January, 2024, this cruise to one of Mexico’s most vibrant destinations is one of the best cruises set to sail in 2024.

With a beautiful coast line, delicious cuisine and memories of a lifetime, cruises to Ensenada start from as low as $200 per person and help guests have one of the most instagrammable trips of their life.

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