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4 Ways You Can Protect Your Home from Intruders

Nothing scares homeowners more than the threat of an intruder, whether it’s someone vandalising the place, or someone burglarising your property. However, there are many ways you can avoid intruders getting access to your home, and here are some easy tips to follow.

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  1. Change your locks

There are a number of reasons why you should change your locks when you move in, then consider changing them every few years:

  • Ex-tenants or owners might still have copies of keys
  • It’s very easy to copy a key, and even make copies of copies
  • If you’ve ever had a cleaner or pet sitter, they could have copied your key
  • Older locks can be easier to pick – if your locks are from the past decade, they may not work as well as contemporary locks

Changing your locks doesn’t cost a lot and it can give you real peace of mind.

  1. Add a security door and screens

Many intruders get in through the front door, so installing a security door is a good idea to protect this access point. You could also look at adding screen doors and window coverings like those made by Invisi Gard Perth. These stop people from being able to stare into your home, while still letting you see outside, and mean you can keep doors and windows open to let a breeze in, without worrying about break-ins.

  1. Don’t leave valuables on display

Most thefts aren’t planned. They are often done by people grabbing stuff through an open window, but if there are expensive items on display, your home could be targeted. This can be anything from expensive electronics being visible from the street, to boxes from TVs and expensive laptops being left in the recycling bin. If you buy anything new and expensive, try to keep it out of site.

  1. Be cautious about sharing on social media

Posting that you’re on holiday means people know your home is empty, therefore easy to burglarise. Make sure your account is only followed by people you trust and avoid oversharing when it comes to things like your travel plans.

Most steps towards a safer home are common sense, but it’s worth reviewing your security now and again, even if you live in a safe neighbourhood. This will ensure you feel secure in your home and don’t go through the upset of burglary, which can be very difficult for a family.

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