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3 Reasons Why Columbia, SC, is a Growing City

You frequently hear individuals mention South Carolina cities like Charleston and Greenville when they discuss relocating there. Columbia, South Carolina is a charming little city with a lot to offer that is frequently disregarded. There is a lot more to Columbia than just the fact that it gets very hot in the summer. In the last twenty years or so, this state capital has undergone significant self-improvement, with a revitalized downtown and a plethora of cultural events. Continue reading for 3 reasons why Columbia, SC is a growing city.

1. Cheap

In general, South Carolina has lower living expenses than the average American household. Additionally, Columbia is generally less expensive than the entire state! Columbia houses for sale cost around 15% less than the national average. In SC, job growth has increased over the last ten years. South Carolina typically has slightly lower food and grocery prices than the rest of the nation. According to estimates, you can save 5% overall on groceries compared to US average prices.

2. Green Space

Many beautiful green areas may be found in and around Columbia. This is a terrific place to come outside and spend some time with family and friends, and it’s situated at the meeting place of the Saluda, Broad, and Congaree rivers. You can see a variety of wildlife here as you wind through southern hardwood woodlands. Congaree National Park, a sizable hardwood forest with waterways for canoeing and fishing as well as numerous hiking paths, is also close by. At the Northeast Clemson Extension, miles of breathtaking hiking trails may be found directly across from the Village at Sandhill. The city’s northern edge is home to the more than 2,000-acre Harbison State Forest. This is a terrific location for the whole family because it has a canoe landing, multi-use pathways, and an environmental education center. Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve is another location, located southwest of Lexington, South Carolina. This area, which is regarded as a gem of the Midlands, is incredibly beautiful. The city intends to improve the 18-acre park, which was reopened in 1990, for a cost of $18 million soon. Granby Park, which was established in 1998, gives locals more access to the river.

3. Arts

You’ll have enough to do at Columbia if you consider yourself to be an admirer of the arts and culture. Additionally, the city has a broad variety of public art installations that keep things fresh all year long. You’ll adore it here if you enjoy theater. Since 1985, there has been a professional theater company called Trustus. This ensemble performs complex and thought-provoking shows every season. Long before public art became popular in mid-sized cities across the nation, the city has supported it. Murals, fountains, and sculptures can be seen on street corners, in courtyards, in parks, and on the sides of buildings. You can view artwork on display at the Richland Library at each of the branches. These carefully commissioned pieces of art are giving the neighborhood libraries a vibrant cultural component.

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